Professional service firms run on information. And professionals like me ensure that your information processes are smooth and efficient. Yet information without knowledge and wisdom is just a collection of random facts. Your clients will tell you that they come to you for something more practical.

Current awareness goes to the heart of what you do

My focus is current awareness because this goes to the heart of what you do. Let me explain. I alert you to a new piece of legislation, consultation paper or development in your area. I follow this up with relevant commentary and present you with more facts.

Information + Knowledge = Wisdom

You assimilate this new information. You combine it with your existing technical training, and the result is something of infinite value. Your ability to apply your practical wisdom to your clients’ problems will make you stand out as an expert. You are the ultimate problem solver.

This benefits everyone

Improved current awareness means you are better qualified to contribute to the conversation. Your clients enjoy your improved knowledge. Your colleagues will see you as the ‘go to’ expert. And your entire business benefits because of its higher profile both on and offline. You will earn the respect of your peers, and the industry benefits because you’re publishing and sharing value-added knowledge.