Business Briefing 2016-11-22

In the news today

  • Brexit – Any future negotiations with Brussels is shaping up to be challenging. In anticipation of US tit-for-tat, the EU is proposing to tighten its grip over overseas banks operating in the eurozone, which could potentially hurt the City of London after Brexit. Getting there might be more of a challenge with Scottish MPs threatening to employ ‘Claim of Right’  against the UK government. As for future appeals, there are ‘many ways’ Brexit may go to EU courts, top ECJ judge says. In the Brexit weekly briefing: CBI pleads for clarity but PM settles for hints
  • Technology – Plans for home deliveries using drones could be scuppered after the transport secretary warned that the technology posed a major safety risk. On the subject of safety, an app has been developed to save people from their selfies. Once again Britain has plans to boost internet speed across the country

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