Everyone knows looks are important. A well designed, beautiful website is essential but if there is nothing underneath the enticing front page, then there is nothing to keep people there. Regularly updated, topical, and well written content to hold peoples’ attention should be the goal of any social media/website manager. It can be used in a variety of ways to direct people to your site and therefore generate search engine interest.

Not everybody is good at creating content, but don’t worry. I can discuss your requirements and help identify subjects relevant to your area of expertise. I’m skilled at researching, and am able to write about a wide variety of subjects. Recent topics I’ve covered include:

  • Pre-seed start ups
  • ESTA visas
  • Mutual funds
  • 3D printing

My rate is £50 per hour and as a rough guide, identifying a range of subjects to write about takes about an hour of discussion, research takes about two to three hours per subject. Writing 250 words takes about two hours, while 500 words takes about three to four hours. A good content strategy means that you need to generate at least one piece of per month. Therefore this is an on-going investment, and you should make full use of it on as many platforms as possible.

Should you already have material in need of updating or refreshing, I am happy to undertake your proofing and editing.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.