5 reasons why you should beg your information professional for training

It doesn't matter if you have an in-house or outsourced legal information team. They should be an integral part of your learning and development programme. They offer expertise, value for money, efficiency, and technological knowhow. Not only that but they enhance the reputation of your firm amongst its peers. Legal information professionals are experts Like … Continue reading 5 reasons why you should beg your information professional for training

Constant communications

Current awareness and communications go hand in hand. Technology is at the heart of information exchange, but effective communication between information professionals and clients is vital. It's a complex issue and deserves closer investigation. 'Language is constant' A twenty year career in information services teaches you the importance of communication. During a conference Sir Tim Berners-Lee stated that 'language is constant', … Continue reading Constant communications

Challenge yourself!

Choice is both a blessing and curse. We are faced with masses of choice which makes finding things hard work sometimes. But technology is trying to simplify matters. And we can access this information from wherever and wherever we want. For instance, when we shop online we can apply filters to every search. When we … Continue reading Challenge yourself!

Directing the flow

The flow of information is important to your business. For simplicity's sake, there are two types of information; internal and external. As an information professional I can filter the information coming from external sources. Then ensure that it reaches the correct departments. Knowledge teams co-ordinate and synthesise this valuable information, and bring systems together. Different yet similar Different … Continue reading Directing the flow

Let’s have a quality conversation!

A recent article on content marketing got me thinking. As a qualified information professional it has always been my responsibility to get the right information to the right person and at the right price. My colleagues knew that if I sent them an article or document, they could rely on the quality of the content. … Continue reading Let’s have a quality conversation!