Legal information trends for 2018

I blame Star Trek Voyager for this inevitable end of the year technology prediction piece. Part of the attraction of this particular series is spotting ‘futuristic’ technology which is already questionable. For instance, even my old Dell was slimmer than their laptops. Still, as we journey into the unknown, here are a few tech topics … Continue reading Legal information trends for 2018

Demystifying current awareness

Current awareness is central to any organisation. To maintain an edge in a competitive legal and business environment, they rely on information services to manage and deliver personalised and targeted updates on news, markets, clients, and industries. As I shall discuss, current awareness provision is changing. It is useful to define what I mean by … Continue reading Demystifying current awareness

Current awareness for all

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High quality current awareness services alert professionals to recently published material of interest. It’s normally provided by in-house information specialists to scholars, lawyers, healthcare practitioners, business people and others. But in my view, everyone is entitled to quality low cost alerts from a trustworthy curator. Collating information takes time Information people use many methods to keep their … Continue reading Current awareness for all

Constant communications

Current awareness and communications go hand in hand. Technology is at the heart of information exchange, but effective communication between information professionals and clients is vital. It's a complex issue and deserves closer investigation. 'Language is constant' A twenty year career in information services teaches you the importance of communication. During a conference Sir Tim Berners-Lee stated that 'language is constant', … Continue reading Constant communications

Help me to help you

I have been providing current awareness and writing web content for many years. Yet it is only recently that I have considered the end product. In an information and writing role, you've completed the task when you send the answer or results to the client. But you rarely see the result of your work, and I often wonder why this is. … Continue reading Help me to help you

Curated current awareness and quality control

I always take a broad definition of current awareness. There are many interesting sources, from alternative media and user generated content generally. But how does one differentiate between convincing fakes and the genuine well-researched balanced article? Against the background of world political events, Facebook is at the centre of a news scandal. It has been widely reported that … Continue reading Curated current awareness and quality control

Trust in the media

We need hand curated news services. The Edelman Trust Barometer for 2017 confirms that public trust in business, government, NGOs, and media institutions is falling. They say that in ‘all four key institutions trust has declined broadly’. This is a phenomenon not reported since they started tracking trust in in 2012. Echo chambers It is … Continue reading Trust in the media

Challenge yourself!

Choice is both a blessing and curse. We are faced with masses of choice which makes finding things hard work sometimes. But technology is trying to simplify matters. And we can access this information from wherever and wherever we want. For instance, when we shop online we can apply filters to every search. When we … Continue reading Challenge yourself!