Curated current awareness and quality control

I always take a broad definition of current awareness. There are many interesting sources, from alternative media and user generated content generally. But how does one differentiate between convincing fakes and the genuine well-researched balanced article? Against the background of world political events, Facebook is at the centre of a news scandal. It has been widely reported that … Continue reading Curated current awareness and quality control

Trust in the media

We need hand curated news services. The Edelman Trust Barometer for 2017 confirms that public trust in business, government, NGOs, and media institutions is falling. They say that in ‘all four key institutions trust has declined broadly’. This is a phenomenon not reported since they started tracking trust in in 2012. Echo chambers It is … Continue reading Trust in the media

Let’s have a quality conversation!

A recent article on content marketing got me thinking. As a qualified information professional it has always been my responsibility to get the right information to the right person and at the right price. My colleagues knew that if I sent them an article or document, they could rely on the quality of the content. … Continue reading Let’s have a quality conversation!