6 easy ways to become a better legal researcher

Where is a particular law report found? Should I use a free database for amended legislation? Is there a precedent document? Where can I find a full version of an article? There is no secret to what legal information professionals do. We are happy to share our knowledge in what some might describe as 'excruciating … Continue reading 6 easy ways to become a better legal researcher

Challenge yourself!

Choice is both a blessing and curse. We are faced with masses of choice which makes finding things hard work sometimes. But technology is trying to simplify matters. And we can access this information from wherever and wherever we want. For instance, when we shop online we can apply filters to every search. When we … Continue reading Challenge yourself!

Let’s have a quality conversation!

A recent article on content marketing got me thinking. As a qualified information professional it has always been my responsibility to get the right information to the right person and at the right price. My colleagues knew that if I sent them an article or document, they could rely on the quality of the content. … Continue reading Let’s have a quality conversation!